Emma Roberts: I’m Unsure About My New Bangs.

Emma Roberts is no stranger to major hair makeovers, but she’s not quite sure about her latest ‘do.

For her role in Empire State, costarring Liam Hemsworth, 22, and Nikki Reed, 24, Roberts was asked to get bangs. “I don’t know what to do with them. I’m still like, ‘Ugh, they’re in my eyes!’ I don’t know what to do!" the actress told Us Weekly at the 2nd Annual Seventeen magazine “Pretty Amazing” finalists luncheon in NYC June 18.

Though she’s still on the fence about her bangs, she doesn’t totally hate them. “I kind of like them — they’re a fun change for summer,” the 21-year-old admitted. “I think I’m going to cut them shorter and dye my hair after the movie’s over.”

There are two reasons why Roberts is ready to make another change: “I just want a fresh start and that way they can’t do reshoots!" she laughed.

After production on Empire State wraps in New Orleans, Roberts’ summer is pretty open. “I’ll probably just hang out with friends and be in L.A.,” she told Us. “And I really, really want to go to Hawaii at some point.


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Emma Roberts On Playing Liam Hemsworth’s Love Interest In ‘Empire State’

MTV News caught up with Emma at Seventeen magazine’s Pretty Amazing Contest event, where she didn’t want to talk Liam’s engagement, but did reveal that she just might be locking lips with “The Hunger Games” star.

I do play a waitress, and I play kind of friend, love interest to Liam Hemsworth,” Emma revealed. “It’s based on a true story, and it’s a heist movie, so it’s pretty awesome.

The film, which also Dwayne Johnson, Nikki Reed and “90210” star Shenae Grimes, is a true story from the ’80s, which follows two childhood friends as they attempt to rob an armored car depository in New York.

And in between filming it seems that Emma is just taking in the sights and sounds of the Big Easy.

New Orleans, I haven’t been there in years. The last time I was there was actually rebuilding houses after Hurricane Katrina, which was insane,” Emma said. “So to go and experience the city now rebuilt is really awesome and really great, and I think it’s really great we are shooting a lot of movies down there to help them out.”

Empire State – Casting + Filming News

Empire State, the drama that stars Liam Hemsworth and Dwayne Johnson, has filled out its cast with Twilight Saga‘s Nikki Reed, Michael Angarano, Emma Roberts, Entourage‘s Jerry Ferrara, Paul Ben-Victor, Shenae Grimes and Greg Vrotsos. Chris Diamantopoulos already had been added. The latter marks a convergence of Moe’s, with Ben-Victor playing Moe Howard in the ABC biopic of The Three Stooges, and Diamantopoulos just played Moe in the feature film. Empire State production kicks off Tuesday in New York City and New Orleans with Dito Montiel directing an Adam Mazer script about two friends in the ’80s who pull off a heist at an armored car company. Pic’s financed by Emmett/Furla Films with Georgia Film Fund 14, and will be distributed by Lionsgate. David Hoberman, Todd Lieberman, George Furla and Randall Emmett are producing, while Norton Herrick, Stepan Martirosyan, Bill Chase and Cheetah Vision Films are exec producing.

Emma Roberts on Acting, Fashion and Why She Left College

Who needs college when you can still have spring break, right? Just ask Emma Roberts. The busy actress, who postponed her studies at New York’s Sarah Lawrence College, may be skipping the whole dorm room and midterm thing this semester but she’s still about to jet off on vacation with a gaggle of pals like so many college co-eds do mid-March.

Wonderwall caught up with Roberts on Tuesday during a sunny, patio-set luncheon at Viceroy Hotel in Santa Monica, Calif., where she was helping designer Tracy Reese and winemaker Clos du Bois celebrate the pair’s debut of a new line of designer picnic baskets called Clos du Bois Chic Picnique by Tracy Reese. She discussed her upcoming vacation, her decision to leave college, and why she’s so obsessed with fashion.

  • Wonderwall: How rare is it for you to have lunch by the beach on a weekday?

Roberts: It’s so nice! I’ve been wanting to come down by the beach this whole week, and I just haven’t had time, so I was like ‘Oh, an excuse to go? Yes, I’m there!’

  • WW: Are you happy with your decision to postpone your studies at Sarah Lawrence?

ER: I’m really happy. I loved being in school and I hope that I can take classes continue [someday], but it was really hard being there all the time. I was living in a dorm, and I just missed working, so I needed more time to focus on it.

  • WW: I saw the photo you recently posted of yourself in a cap and gown on Instagram.

ER: Oh, that was from a movie! Everyone took it really seriously and I was like, ‘Obviously that’s not real!’

  • WW: Did wearing the ensemble make you think about your decision to leave college?

ER: No, actually! (laughs) It was for a role opposite John Cusack in a movie called “Adult World” and it was literally a one-second scene where I had that outfit on and I thought it would be funny to take a picture.

  • WW: How was it to work with John Cusack?

ER: It was so fun. It’s this really cool indie comedy about a girl who wants to be a poet, and she’s obsessed with this old washed-up poet played by John Cusack, and she kind of wants him to take her under his wing and mentor her. In the meantime, she works in a porn shop, so it’s a very quirky movie.

  • WW: Do have your next project lined up?

ER: I’m signed on to “Empire State” which I just attached to, which is a really cool heist movie set in the ’80s with Liam Hemsworth, so I’m excited about that. I start shooting in May.

  • WW: How are you balancing your personal life with work? Do you have any downtime at all?

ER: Yeah, I’ve been traveling. I’m going on vacation tomorrow. I haven’t been on vacation in forever! So that will be fun, and then I’m going to New York and then I’m coming back here. So I am going to be traveling and having some fun time, as well as work!

  • WW: Is it rare for you to be able to take a real vacation?

ER: I haven’t been on a vacation in years — I can’t remember the last time I was on vacation!

WW: Where are you going?

ER: Oh, I don’t know where I’m going! I’m just getting on a plane with my friends.

  • WW: Oh really? How do you do that? Just show up to the airport and buy a ticket?

ER: We’re just gonna… (pauses) I can’t tell you where I am going because I genuinely don’t know.

  • WW: Let’s talk about something you do know about: fashion. What excites you the most about fashion?

ER: I am obsessed with fashion. It’s just so fun to get dressed up and do your hair and makeup and go out and feel confident and fun. It’s a way to express your personality. I love reading all the fashion magazines. My favorite thing to do at the airport is to get all the magazines, European and American, and sit on the plane and read all of them.

  • WW: You’ll have some time for that on your trip! Aside from work and vacation, anything else you’re excited to do this spring or summer?

ER: I just want to make more movies to be honest, and then spend some time with my family and my friends. And hopefully spend some time at the beach! I really need a tan.

Emma Roberts in ‘Empire State’.

"Scream 4" star Emma Roberts is joining the cast of Dito Montiel’s heist drama "Empire State,” which stars Liam Hemsworth and Dwayne Johnson.

Based on true events that took place in 1982, Adam Mazer’s script finds Hemsworth playing one of two childhood friends from Astoria, New York who plan to rob an armored car depository, with Johnson playing the NYPD detective who’ll stop at nothing to bust them.

Roberts will play a waitress who serves as a potential love interest for Hemsworth’s character.

Randall Emmett and George Furla’s Emmett/Furla Films is financing the film, which the duo will produce with David Hoberman and Todd Lieberman of Mandeville Films. Production is skedded to start this spring.

Roberts, who recently appeared in back-to-back Sundance pics “The Art of Getting By” and “Celeste and Jesse Forever,” is currently filming Scott Coffey’s indie comedy “Adult World” with John Cusack and Evan Peters.

Roberts is repped by CAA, Sweeney Entertainment and attorney Neil Meyer.